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Phim hot của TVB bị cắt loạt cảnh sex và bạo lực

Bị khán giả ném đá vì mức độ trần trụi của nhiều cảnh quay chiếu vào giờ vàng, 'Danh viện vọng tộc' buộc phải giảm thiểu cảnh nóng.

Chỉ một thời gian ngắn sau khi lên sóng, Danh viện vọng tộc đã chịu không ít lời chỉ trích của khán giả bởi những cảnh quay không thích hợp cho giờ vàng. Theo một nguồn tin, nhằm tránh sự tức giận thêm nữa của bạn xem đài, đơn vị sản xuất đã được yêu cầu cắt toàn bộ các cảnh có yếu tố sex, bạo lực trong các tập tiếp theo.

"Danh viện vọng tộc" gây chú ý không chỉ bởi nội dung hấp dẫn, mà còn vì những cảnh quay táo bạo.

Một trong những đoạn phim bị loại đầu tiên là cảnh Khang Tử Quân (Dương Di đóng) nhớ lại quá khứ, khi cô bị kẻ xấu hãm hiếp, khiến cô giờ đã kết hôn nhưng không thể có thai... Cảnh cưỡng hiếp bị cắt, thay thế vào đó là cảnh Dương Di ngồi khóc, bên cạnh kẻ cưỡng hiếp cô (La Mãng đóng) ngồi cười nhạo.

Một cảnh khác cũng được chỉnh sửa là nhân vật mà Lâm Dĩnh Đồng thủ vai, cắn lưỡi tự vẫn. Lo sợ rằng cách chết có phần máu me này có thể khiến khán giả sốc, đoàn phim đã... bỏ luôn đoạn này, thay thế vào đó là cảnh nhân vật nữ ngã xuống trong vòng tay và tiếng gào khóc của chị gái.

Ngoài hai cảnh này, rất nhiều những cảnh quay khác cũng bị xử lý để mang lại những hình ảnh ý nghĩa mà không nhức mắt cho công chúng, ví dụ như nụ hôn sâu giữa Lưu Tùng Nhân và Dương Di, hay Dương Di cắn vào môi dưới của Lưu Tùng Nhân, Giang Mỹ Nghi thủ dâm... đều bị giảm thiểu.

Nguyễn Hương

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Inspiring Bollywood Movie News in Hindi - Other

Bollywood is considered as the hub of film Industry. The word Bollywood is inspired from word Hollywood and Bombay (which is now called as Mumbai). bollywood movie news involves lots of news about the Bollywood Film Stars and about their lives. The celebrities visit the Delhi as many times as a great politician does so the news about the celebrities visit to Delhi will be delivered in Delhi news in Hindi. Lots of Hindi Movies are being made which is inspired by the political themes of India and sometimes it is regarded as bad imitation. Many films are made by the inspiring the Hindi literature which are usually hit in the box office.

The concept of motivation or inspiration is not new to the Hindi Cinema as lots of films are being made which are inspired by many things. For a good movie the two things are important which is perfect editing and Good story line. After these two things another important thing is the casting the star cast with good acting skill. Sometimes even if all the above points but with the weak direction the film may not do well in the box office. With this we can say that the Hindi industry is still in the budding stage. Some of the films based on the pre independence subject reflect the reality which holds place in the Delhi news in Hindi and Hindi literature had help in the pre independence period by which they can show the sentiments of the people. The other topic like illiteracy, unity, poverty, non violence should be covered and made as a film to inspire the audience. There is a huge difference when we compare the cinema of two different decades.

With the improved technology we can make lot of changes in the film making process. Lot of technology used by Creative production department who make the films with greater sound technology, best cinematography which sometimes compensate the story line. There are famous names of the same Indian cinema that are most noticed in Indian cinema. Bollywood Movie News in Hindi has archived a lot of such achievement.

Hindi Movies are also not an exception to this observation. Film making efforts on this theme sometimes make Delhi news in Hindi when they invoke particular sentiments among Movie critics and audiences Bollywood Movie news in Hindi gives lots of information about entertainment. And it also gives news about Hindi literature.

Đọc Truyện Sex

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Choose your Web Portal For Breaking Entertainment News - Business

Breaking Entertainment News is the best way to keep in touch with celebrity gossips and movie reviews. And when it comes to know about your favorite celebrity how it could be possible that we don't follow these news updates to know more about them! Well, I know it seems quite impossible. So friend, if you are a one of the crazy fan of a Hollywood or Bollywood star then let me ask you a question today - what do you do to know more about your favorite celebrity? If you have not given any effort to get everything about your celebrity star then I would say try reading Breaking Entertainment News now onwards.

For your brief knowledge - there are plenty of options are widely available over internet by which you can grab all the details about your favorite celebrity such like biography, upcoming movies, career information and other details that you will love to hear. Among many world wide news headlines Charles Ayoub (dot) com is the leading web news portal website that is best known for its latest and interesting celebrity news updates. So friend, if you think you are yet to know more details about your favorite celebrity then I must say follow through this news website now.

Charles Ayoub (dot) com is dedicated to offer all sorts of news information. Apart from the celebrity news updates or say, entertainment news headlines, the web portal also covers news headlines from business sections to technological and even educational section. You can follow through this website to get acquainted with these sorts of world wide news headlines too.

Charles Ayoub (dot) com is also a full fledged news portal website and if you do wonder to get familiar with entertainment news along with business and tech news then this news portal could have been your only choice.

Well, a common and an usual trail is that we all are so much addicted over internet that, we have no other and better option to get familiar with something that we are passionate about. So it is quite usual if we follow through any web portal like Charles Ayoub (dot) com to get familiar with Entertainment News to all sorts of business news and technological news updates. So what are you waiting for then? If you are wondering yourself in touch with all sorts of news information at one place then try heading up to Charles Ayoub (dot) com now.

Celebrity News and Gossip Take the Floor - Entertainment - Celebrities

The Celebrity gossips are emerging as favorably important news forms, which are no more referred as an insider to be put in as a mere footnote in the innermost pages of the paper. The sole term, "Page 3" has come into being in order to showcase the latest celebrity news and gossip. The more these kinds of news will appear in a magazine or a newspaper, more it will get coverage and gain popularity. The readers, who subscribe these tabloids, are more or less interested in exploring the pages. Now Internet has helped the latest celebrity news spread like wild fire. The gossips revolving round the lives of the celebrities turn out to be great scoops. Whatever you might call them, be a Paparazzi scoop or yellow journalism but they are the updates, to grab the hint of which, people are always on their toe. Internet has provided accessibility the scoops to places round the world..At one time, the celebrity news and gossip were mostly based on a source bearing dubious nature. Now the different media has indeed turned out to be serious enough to offer the news in a way, which is credible to the extent best possible. Thus the meaning constituted by the word 'gossip' has been morphed to a greater scale bearing the form of news. They are no more cheap display of the hardcore spicy tit bits but are real time scoops closer to life. They are not just the rumors bubbling up the back alley, actually the practice has completely been discarded and now the reporters take serious initiative to present the true fact lying inside it to the public. There lies the transformation of a gossip to news...The celebrity news and gossip have a sensuous approach and in order to attribute them with the bit of sensuality, the need for fabrication and distortion come up. The readers get inclined to the piece of gossips, which seem to be very entertaining to them. There lies the mastery of the yellow journalists. They bridge the two worlds, which are poles apart with sets of information and thus entertainment is assured. It is true that almost all reporters just love to take up the Page 3, leaving apart the serious domains of sports or crime. Although, at one time the activities of the paparazzi in revealing a scoop out of a celebrities life used to create sheer nuisance of the celeb but now the scenario has changed to a great extent and is no more that troublesome...The trappings of journalism are been greatly involved in generating the celebrity news and gossip scoops and thus an edge has been attributed to the piece of news. Many of the celebrities are actively present in the social media networks and this immensely helps in generation of first hand information on them. Twitter is one of the most talked about social media platforms, where the celebrities reveal the different aspects of their lifestyle and hence common people get the access to the facts, people are very interested to know.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Alba VIP News: Your Online Source for Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) Celebrity News - Internet

All over the World Wide Web, individuals have been looking for different sites or sources that could provide information not just about Hollywood actors and actresses, but also about Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) news. As a matter of fact, the said key term is considered to be widely searched, simply stating that more and more individuals get more interested not just in Hollywood and international news, but they are also interested in reading the latest gossip on their favorite local artists. Without a single doubt, both men and women enjoy reading the juiciest gossip and news - making it the primary means of entertainment of the majority all over the world.

What does it take to find out the latest Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) news? Some people decide to look for different websites using their favorite search engines, and find out numerous posts about a specific person or local celebrity. But, this method is somehow a little bit more complicated. Today, you only have to bookmark a site, subscribe to their newsletter or even subscribe to RSS feeds in order to stay updated and be informed of what's happening in the Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) celebrity news industry. Without a doubt, individuals enjoy reading the latest Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) celebrity news - it is a form of entertainment, which other articles or sources could not offer to anyone. Generally speaking, local and international artists are pretty much aware that stepping in the celebrity industry means that media and press would enter their private lives and broadcast it to the public. Although there is nothing practically wrong with it, you can find a site and subscribe to it, given the mere fact that the website doesn't offer nude photographs, or articles that would ruin the name of every single celebrity featured in their website.

You may find sites that are offering Hollywood news, while you can find specific sites that are featuring Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) celebrity news. Because of the growing population of people who are interested in Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) celebrity news, the number of websites that are featuring these types of updates can be easily seen online.

If you're the busy type person, the Albanian Gossip (thashetheme) celebrity news website can help you stay updated. Perhaps you don't have the time to read daily newspapers, or perhaps you are too excited and can't wait for the magazine's next month's edition. With the help of the internet, everything has been made even easier, giving you access to these gossip and juicy celebrity news - regardless of where you are, or what time of the day it is. The great thing about online celebrity news is that they can be accessed 24/7 - giving you no limitations at all.

Celebrity News Websites And Blogs - Entertainment

Celebrities are well-liked personalities within your nation. They may end up being movie stars, sports stars and even political stars. Any little issue, which happens with a movie star these days will turn into the most incredible news in headlines the next day. All the Tv stations will reveal good news in order to enhance their own rate within the marketplace. You can find books and magazines, which exclusively tell stories about celebrities and share their own views. Now it is possible to collect information online where you are able to search quantity of sites, which shares hot news regarding well-known stars as well as sports personalities. Even in social media internet sites you'll be able to discover several of the celebrities sharing their opinion about the current happenings.

It's remarkable exactly how celebrity news often manages to show up using the a lot more interesting aspects in the celebs. Who wouldn't wish to read about the latest intrusions of Britney Spears or exactly how Lindsay Lohan is becoming arrested again or perhaps the several boyfriend that Paris Hilton have. You might question why we read all this trash. The straightforward reason is due to the fact this news is just more interesting compared to several of our own mundane lives. Yet another cause is because this entertainment often shows the glamour that captures the hearts of several followers. We read about all of them due to the fact they're not really otherwise reachable. They live in a different globe from the relaxation with the population.

The very best approach to keep updated on your preferred celebs will be the Globe Wide Web. If something occurs in the world of entertainment, you would bet that it is going to end up being all over this news within moments. The web offers 1 instant access to breaking entertainment news. Tv can be an excellent source and continuously would be, but unfortunately one must wait for the news in the future on to find out what is going on if one is counting on Tv for the celeb news.

With fan blogs, you can amuse yourself by reading other people's views about what these popular encounters are up to. A few fans compile funny pictures and touch upon what may possibly be going on in them, which can be incredibly funny. Other people merely distribute the most recent gossip or even turn pictures of celebrities into funny pop art.

Some people tend to be celebrity fixated or typically verging on being celeb obsessive. Is the fact that a wholesome state associated with mind? Does which say one thing negative by what we believe of ourselves as individuals? But, want it or otherwise, the 'celebrity news gossip' is here now to remain. Individuals desire to hear regarding the life with the celebrities and they are going to search for the latest, information snippets wherever they're able to locate all of them. A celebrity is naturally an individual getting prone to all the usual failings that most of us suffer. But their specialist life frequently set them apart as one thing distinct, unique as well as special; almost as if they inhabited a totally distinct world to us mere mortals!

The celebrity news bloggers and webmasters try and exploit the individual matters in the life from the superstars that subsequently must encounter a good deal associated with troubles from this. I've heard concerning the tensions and depressions these stars face using this truth their lives are the talk from the city. Everyone becomes judgmental about their personal life and asks concerns regarding the same. However, you can not refuse the newsmakers this correct in order to peek into the lives from the celebs as this can be their own approach to earn a living!

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Diễn Viên phim sex và những cái chết bi kịch

Dù là một “ngôi sao phim sex” thì cuộc đời của họ chưa hẳn đã sung túc và vẻ vang. Một số trường hợp phải qua đời trong sự cô độc, một số khác lại bất hạnh đột tử vì căn bệnh nan y…

Đối với nhiều người, “chuyện chăn gối” là chủ đề tối kỵ trong các cuộc nói chuyện. Chính vì thế mà xưa nay các diễn viên đóng “phim người lớn” luôn bị đặt ở vị trí thấp hơn so với những nghệ sỹ khác.

Và trên thực tế, dù là một “ngôi sao phim sex” thì cuộc đời của họ chưa hẳn đã sung túc và vẻ vang. Một số trường hợp phải qua đời trong sự cô độc, một số khác lại bất hạnh đột tử vì căn bệnh nan y…

Dưới đây là 9 trong số những cái kết bi đát của các tài tử, mỹ nữ từng trong dòng phim đặc biệt này:

Percy Foster

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Percy Foster có vẻ ngoài rất giống tài Gordon Ramsay nhưng số phận của anh thì hoàn toàn trái ngược với tử Hollywood này.

Percy được phát hiện qua đời trong tầng hầm cũ kỹ của một khu nhà chung cư. Lúc đó anh mới 35 tuổi và đang sở hữu tài sản lớn, bao gồm xe hơi BMW và nhiều biệt thự sang trọng.

Maryam Haley

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Năm 19 tuổi, vì thiếu tiền thuê nhà nên Maryam Haley đã quyết định làm người mẫu ảnh nude. Sau đó, cô được mời tham gia đóng phim sex (tổng cộng 313 bộ) và nhanh chóng trở thành gương mặt “đắt khách” trên nhiều trang bìa tạp chí.

Năm 2007, Maryam Haley qua đời khi mới tròn 25 và nguyên do chưa được xác định. Khi thi thể được đưa tới bệnh viện, các bác sỹ chỉ phát hiện thấy những vết thâm tím trên cơ thể của cô được cho là do bị chồng bạo hành.

Ngoài ra, cơ quan điều tra cũng xác nhận rằng Maryam cũng đã có thời gian dài sử dụng chất kích thích và ma túy quá liều.

Anna Nicole Smith

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Ngày 8/2/2007 – tròn 1 năm sau ngày mất của con trai, Anna đã được phát hiện khi đã tắt thở trong một căn phòng khách sạn. Theo tìm hiểu, nữ diễn viên sexy này đã dùng thuốc an thần quá liều với mong muốn xoa dịu nỗi đau mất con. Năm đó, Anna mới 39 tuổi.

Taylor Summers

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Taylor Summers bị “chuyên gia ảnh nóng” – nhiếp ảnh gia Anthony Frederick ngộ sát. Thi thể của cô được tìm thấy với nhiều vết dao đâm và đặt dưới tầng hầm khu nhà của Anthony. Lúc này, Taylor vừa bước sang tuổi 23.

Stephen Crane

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Stephen Crane vốn là một diễn viên sex nổi tiếng. Tuy nhiên, sau nhiều lần vi phạm nội quy công ty, anh đã bị sa thải.

Từ đây, Stephen rơi vào trạng thái mất kiểm soát, thường đem kiếm Nhật ra đường gây sự làm loạn.

Sau khi đâm chết một công nhân vô tội, anh đã tự sát và được tìm thấy khi nằm vất vưởng trên một vách đá ở ngoại ô. Năm đó, Stephen mới 34 tuổi.


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Carolin nổi tiếng với nickname Sexy cola. Tháng 11/2011, nữ nghệ sỹ 23 tuổi này đã chết trên bàn phẫu thuật nâng ngực vì bệnh đau tim đột phát.


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Savannah đã tự sát khi mới 23 tuổi. Lúc sinh thời, cô được xem là biểu tượng gợi cảm của cánh mày râu vì có lối diễn xuất hoang dã mà không kém phần tinh tế.

Betty Peggy

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Betty Peggy là ngôi sao phim sex của những năm thập niên 50 của thế kỷ trước. Năm 2008, bà qua đời không rõ lý do khi vừa mừng thọ 85 tuổi.


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Tháng 3/2011, diễn viên phim sex của Israel – nghệ danh Boan đã chết vì bị rắn độc cắn vào ngực. Lý do dẫn đến hoàn cảnh oái oăm này là bởi Boan muốn chụp ảnh hôn rắn làm kỷ niệm.